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Buy Online Big Amla or Aamla or Indian Gooseberry or Nellikai Hybrid Grafted Variety In India Legend has it that Aamla originated from the drops of Amrita (immortal drink of the Gods), which spilled on earth accidentally. Hence the halo effect that it cures every disease and extends longevity! The tree is small to medium in size, reaching 8 to 18 m in height, with a crooked trunk and spreading branches. The branchlets are glabrous or finely pubescent, 10–20 cm long, usually deciduous; the leaves are simple, subsessile and closely set along branchlets, light green, resembling pinnate leaves. The flowers are greenish-yellow. The fruit are nearly spherical, light greenish yellow, quite smooth and hard on appearance, with six vertical stripes or furrows. It’s culinary uses are very famous in southern India and the most famous is Andhra Amla Pickle (Usirikaya Pachadi). Other Famous culinary uses are Amla Murabba, Gooseberry Raita, and Indian Gooseberry Thokku. Amla fruit can also be consumed raw. Amla is also the prime most ingredients for making of Indian Ayurveda medicine Chyawanprash.