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Vkshop, Natural Neem tooth cleaning stick toothbrush are used as toothache reliever, cleaning teeth, remove gems, teeth whitening and oral deodorant. Fresher breath and sparkling white teeth. An essential healthy dental alternative to charcoal, gels, powder and strips. Both for men & women oral care.



  • Neem or Azaridachta Indica Chewing Datun sticks have more than 130 active compounds.
  • Organic Neem sticks are one of the best natural ingredients to brush your teeth. Neem twigs are chewed, the wood containing this medicine in this process the corner of the twig will form like a bristle brush. They are ready to clean the sidelines of your teeth with clean
  • Neem or Nim Tree chew sticks can also help prevent plaque formation. Brushing from the natural neem stick releases a small quantum of neem oil. Neem oil and its strong anti-bacterial activity is a common constituent across toothpastes. It is known to treat dental plaque effectively



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