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Durga puja Samagri Kit


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Durga puja Samagri Kit

Vkshop is the one-stop destination for all your spiritual needs. We offer different types of Puja samagri highly recommended by priests and handpicked by puja specialist teams.

Place an order and get all your religious Pooja samagri items without any chaos in the crowded market.

Durga Puja is a widely celebrated occasion and the auspicious puja is organized by our experienced Vedic Scholars, who have been practising this art for years. We have the full puja samagri needed for an enjoyable puja experience Package includes: Taking proper guidance from the respected authorities, the Durga puja Samagri consists of: 1. Decorated Kalash Supari 2. Roli 3. Tulsi 4. Laung 5. Rice 6. Chandan 7. Haldi Powder 8. Haldi Gath 9. Ganga Jal 10. Mishri 11. Gulab Jal 12. Dhoop 13. Kapoor 14. Ghee 15. Batti (Round) 16. Match Stick 17. Deepak 18. Agarbatti 19. Red Cloth 20. Sindoor 21. 16 Shringaar Samagri 22. Dub (Durva Grass) 23. Nariyal 24. Moong 25. Mango Leaves 26. Paan ka Patta 27. Peeli Sarson 28. Gur/Jaggery 29. Abeer/Gulal 30. Honey 31. Wheat 32. Itra 33. Moli 34. Plastic Container-25 35. Elaichi 36. Panchmeva 37. Kamal Gatta 38. Dashang 39. Jau 40. Khas 41. Kali Udad 42. Black Pepper 43. Hing 44. Lakdi. 45. Kala Teel 46. Sapt Mitrika 47. Sapt Dhan 48. Sugar 49. Kesar 50. Honey 51.Sukha Nariyal 52. ShubhPuja Services: • Our Packs have been made from highest quality materials, ensuring the pleasure of the deity concerned • These packages have been made under the guidance of highly qualified shastris and Acharyas. • The best method of fast delivery is usually chosen to avoid any latencies or delays


Durga puja Samagri Kit

Navratri, the ‘nine nights, is one of the most popular Hindu festivals in many parts of India. During Navratri, nine forms of Maa Durga are worshipped.

Those who have performed Pujas in the past are aware that any Puja or Yagna requires a lot of preparations. This includes preparing a place for Puja as well as collecting all the ingredients required for it. Gathering various Puja items can be a daunting task. Hence, Vedic Vaani has brought to you various Diwali and Navratri Puja kits online and Puja thalis which consist of all the items essential for performing any Puja.

  1.   Durgaji silver frame  
  2.   Mataji ki Chunri  
  3.   Pooja aasan/cloth  
  4.   Aarti book & Pooja Vidhi  
  5.   Bell (Silver plated)  
  6.   Agarbatti stand (Silver plated)  
  7.   Deepak (Silver plated)  
  8.   Kumkum daani (Silver plated)  
  9.   Kumkum  
  10.   Turmeric  
  11.   Sindoor  
  12.   Akshat  
  13.   Chandan  
  14.   Janeu  
  15.   Clove-Cardamom.  
  16.   Betel nuts  
  17.   Almond  
  18.   Abeer  
  19.   Gulal  
  20.   Cotton wicks  
  21.   Dhoop  
  22.   Dry dates  
  23.   Agarbatti
  24.   Kalawa    
  25. Durga Aarti book


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