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Fresh Coconut Medium Pack 1


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Fresh Coconut – Medium Pack 1

Vkshop Laghu Nariyal /Mini coconut .Shreephal is smallest Nariyal similar to the size of a betel nut. It should be kept in a Locker or in The Puja Ghar wrapped up with a Yellow or Red cloth.It is believed that the Goddess Lakshmi, resides permanently where the Shreephal is kept. The Laghu Nariyal is proven and tested to be effective as a good luck charm to get all the luxuries of life. It increases the wealth and prosperity of the person in whose house it is kept. It should always be kept in a clean and sacred place of the house. Ever Forever Brand Product is Sold By Shop Forever only. Some Seller are miss using Ever Forever name and selling low Quality or Fake Product.


Fresh Coconut  Medium Pack 1

  • It can be used to prepare various delicious dishes
  • It is rich in dietary fiber
  • Coconut can be dried for longer storage duration
  • Store at room temperature, away from direct sunlight

The coconut, also known as “Nariyal” is popular for multiple uses across various regions. With its water being one of the best sources of hydration there are other benefits too. It is rich in Dietary Fiber. It can also be dried for longer storage duration. We source high quality fresh cocunuts and deliver it fresh at your door step.


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