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Fresh Green Chilli 100g


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Fresh Green Chilli 100g

Fresh Long Green Chilly is a spice that make our cuisine nice, spicy and it is a staple across our nation. Green chillies also known as Menasinakai are used in day-to-day diet of many and have become an integral part of Indian cuisine. Fresh green chillies are used in various manners. They can be used raw or can be cooked with other ingredients. Green chillies are used in curries and to add spice in dry dishes. In some preparations it is also lightly fried in oil. Green chillies are also used in various chutneys.


Fresh Green Chilli 100g

  • They are rich in Vitamin C, their consumption helps boost immunity
  • As they are very low in calories they can be used to spice up food without increasing the calorie count
  • They also have antibacterial properties


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