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Fresh Wood Apple – 1Pc


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Fresh Wood Apple – 1Pc

Fresh, hygienic and natural. Graded, sorted and premium quality fruits and vegetables.Wood Apple is a round or oval fruit that may have a thin, hard, woody shell or a gray-green rind that turns more yellow when ripe. You can find bael fruit”s trees in many temple gardens in India as the tree is considered sacred and the leaves are often used in religious ceremonies. Its benefits Include the potential to work as a natural contraceptive. The unripe fruit” has an antidiarrhoeal and gastroprotective effect. Various extracts of the leaves, roots, and fruits have been reported to be active against many bacterial strains. Wood apple offers a unique sweet flavour shop near me store buy online fix price.Also Known As Kathbel, Kothu, Kaith, Bele, Vilampazham, Kavath , Kaitha, Velega Pandu, And Kapith


Fresh Wood Apple – 1Pc

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  • Fresh, hygienic and natural
  • Graded, sorted and premium quality fruits and vegetables
  • Fresh produce wood apple

Wood apples are brown patched with hard shells. Its brown, fibrous pulp has a scent which is similar to that of tamarinds. Inside the fruit, there are numerous small, white, crunchy seeds that are edible as well as nutritious.



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