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Haldi Gaanth (Turmeric Tuber)


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Haldi Gaanth (Turmeric Tuber)

  • While turmeric has a long history of health giving properties and there have been many hundreds of studies into its effects on a wide variety of ailments it can’t be regarded as a magic cure.
  • Turmeric is the root stalk of a tropical plant that’s part of the ginger family. One of the main components of the spice is a substance called curcumin which has potentially healing properties.
  • These are whole turmeric fingers – large size with strong flavour
  • Our products are 100 % natural and good in quality.
  • Shirish Masala-Tradition Of Purity.


Haldi Gaanth (Turmeric Tuber)

In Hinduism, turmeric is associated with to fertility and luck. In Hindu worship ceremonies, turmeric is used to signify both inner purity and inner pride. Worshipers use turmeric paste to anoint statues and images of Hindu Gods in religious ritual


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