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Liveasy Essentials Pill Box


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Liveasy Essentials Pill Box

LivEasy Pill Medicine Organiser Reminder Storage Box for 28 Days or 4 Weeks, Pack of 1 (Style – Horizontal Pill Box)

  • Transparent plastic casing for easy identification of medicines.
  • 28 compartments for optimum storage capacity.
  • Multi-purpose box that helps to store medicines and vitamin pills.
  • Compact size and lightweight, so you can carry it everywhere.
  • Easy to open and close compartments.


Liveasy Essentials Pill Box

LivEasy Essentials Pill Box helps in organising pills. If a person has to take different medicines throughout the week, keeping track of how many pills to take, when to take, and on which day a particular pill needs to be consumed can become very taxing. With LivEasy Essentials Pill Box, pills can be organised according to the days of the week and can be consumed as per the time of the day as well.

LivEasy Essentials Pill Box contains 7 trays, one for each day of the week, stacked sequentially in a green container. Each tray bears the mark of the day of the week. There is a cut out at the bottom of the green container so that the bottom-most tray can be pulled out. The tray above (containing pills for the next day) slides down to rest at the bottom of the stack. The tray for the day that has been slid out will have to be replaced at the top of the stack once the pills have been consumed and refilled.

Each tray is sturdy and sleek. It is portable and can even snugly fit in pockets and purses.

Uses of LivEasy Essentials Pill Box:

  • Helps to organise pills according to the day and time of the day
  • Helps to take pills at the suggested time frame

Product specifications:

  • 7 transparent, sleek and easily portable trays corresponding to the 7 days of the week
  • Attractive green container with cutouts to display the trays and to slide out the bottom-most tray

Product care:

  • Wash with mild warm water and dish-cleaning agent
  • Clean regularly and thoroughly so that pills do not become contaminated

Safety information:

  • Store in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight
  • Keep away from the reach of children and pets


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