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Noni UPLA Cow dung 10 Pieces


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Noni UPLA Cow dung 10 Pieces

Vkshop, Cow Dung Cake – Benefits of Dry Cow Dung Cake —- Pure COW’S dung is made from Desi Cow’s dung. Used in pious ceremonies like havan — Most effective for remedy of Vastu, Health problem, Concentrations and keeps air purified. Kill germs, insects, micro-organisms. Releases oxygen in the air upon burning. Cow Dung Cakes pure and makes in sunlight before sunset. It is used to purify the air as it is said to release oxygen when burnt with ghee. Cow dung is also used as fertilizer. It is crushed to powder and applied to Tulsi and various flower plants. It kills the hazardous effects of pesticides and other fertilizers.


Noni UPLA Cow dung 10 Pieces

Cow dung cakes have been used in traditional Indian households for yagnas, ceremonies, rituals, etc. Dung is used to purify air as it is said to release oxygen when burnt with ghee. Cow Dung cakes, made from the by-products of animal husbandry, are traditionally used as fuel in India for making food in a domestic hearth called a Chulha. Dung Cake are made by hand by village women, near thanjavur and are traditionally made from cow dung. One dung cake of an average size gives 2100 kJ worth of energy. Dung cakes are also known as uple, kande, gosse or thepdi. These are the cakes of cow dung molded by bare hands with a curvature to be able to keep stuck to the walls. Once dried cow dung are put in a pile and covered with thatch called bitauda. Cow Dung Cake is mix of cow dung with hay ,flattened out and dried for use.  Cake is a traditional ayurvedic composition in India. America has been the broader exporting market for India. We used to see cow dung cake on the wall, but in the 21st century, cow dung cake is also available online With VkShop.

The smoke from cow dung cakes has been found to have disinfectant properties. This has led to the conscious use of cow manure as an insect repellent, primarily used against mosquitoes.

Moreover, in many villages, cow dung cake is applied on the walls and floors as a disinfectant. Cow dung is a matter of scientific research, whether it has more disinfecting power than other elements. Still, it is prevalent in India and would be a growing trend in America


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