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Organic Whole Bayleaf Spice (Tejpatta), 100g


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Organic Whole Bayleaf Spice (Tejpatta), 100g

Premium Quality Bay leaves(Tej Patta) pure, free from impurities with sharp fragrant flavor. Bay leaves are rich in Vitamin B, Vitamin C, copper, potassium, calcium and manganese and are good for heart and kidney health. Bay leaves are antifungal, anti-inflammatory, diuretic and astringent and can be used as remedy to relieve pain, improve menstrual health, treat cold & nosebleed and repel insects Roast and use in spice blends like garam masala, or to prepare Indian and Mughlai dishes like biryani, korma etc.



Organic Whole Bayleaf Spice (Tejpatta), 100g

  • Whole Bayleaf Spice (Tejpatta), 100g
  • Bay leaves are commonly found in biryani, pulao, soups, curries and most Indian dishes.
  • Also known as tej patta, this culinary herb makes for an integral part of the Indian cuisine, thanks to its distinctive flavour and fragrance. Apart from this, it is also known for its age-old medicinal properties. Scientifically known as Laurus Nobilis, bay leaves are used for treating various health conditions. The presence of vitamin A and C along with folic acid and various minerals in bay leaf makes it a nutrient-dense herb.
  • Store in cool and dry place, avoid using wet spoon to handle this product. Comes in a handy zipper stand-up pouch.
  • Urban Platter – Simply Good Food! 🙂


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