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Original Sandalwood Stick – 100 Grams


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Original Sandalwood Stick – 100 Grams

  • White Sandalwood Stick and red sandalwood stick
  • Although, there is a wide range of over the counter skin creams and lotions, but the harsh chemicals present in these products take a toll on the skin and damage it permanently
  • Therefore, it is best to opt for natural solutions. Here we give you a few sandalwood home remedies for healthy skin that you can prepare in your home


Original Sandalwood Stick – 100 Grams

  • Cooked white sandalwood is little darker than raw white sandalwood. It not only enhances the glow of skin but also gives ageless look to your face. Cooked sandalwood is the finest form of sandalwood, being used since medieval time for skin treatment .
  • Rubbing this wood on granite slab by slowly adding water, a fine paste is prepared. This smooth paste with divine aroma when applied gently on any skin type for atleast 15 minutes makes the skin bright like never before, makes it wrinkle free, removes the dark spots and blemishes.


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