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Saffola Immuniveda Kadha Mix- 80g (20 Sachets x 4g) | Ayurvedic Immunity Booster Herbal Tea with Ayush Kwath


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Saffola ImmuniVeda Kadha Mix is a unique Ayurvedic recipe containing ingredients which help in boosting your immunity, support your respiratory health and help relieve cough, cold and sore throat. It is made from a combination of the powerful ingredients of Ayush Kwath, along with 11 carefully selected ayurvedic herbs. Using the traditional process, Ayush Kwath and other herbs are crushed & boiled in water for hours to make into a decoction to harness its benefits. Saffola ImmuniVeda Kadha Mix brings the power of this potent decoction to you in single serve sachets. Enjoy the immunity boosting benefits of the effective Ayush Kwath and other Ayurvedic immunity boosting herbs in the form of an instant mix Kadha powder – just empty the sachet in a cup pf hot water, mix thoroughly and sip! Why Saffola ImmuniVeda? Your immunity is your body’s shield against ailments. The need to bolster this natural protective cover is becoming critical as new challenges keep emerging in the world. Saffola ImmuniVeda is a contemporary range of products that harness the power of Ayurveda, with ingredients which help in boosting your immunity. Inspired by the ancient recipes, we have carefully selected potent ingredients and combined them to create unique Ayurvedic products.