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Tata Agni Leaf (1kg)-Buy Tata Agni Leaf Online


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Tata Agni Leaf (1kg)-Buy Tata Agni Leaf Online

Agni is one of the largest brand in Tata Tea’s extensive portfolio, with a presence across more than 22 Indian states. Agni was first launched as a product targeted at the price-sensitive consumer, specifically the ones who aspired to shift from loose to branded tea. Back then, it operated in the economy segment on a standalone basis. In 2005-2006, Agni reinvented itself by migrating to the Tata Tea umbrella, in order to leverage the brand’s equity and resources. Tata Tea Agni gives price-sensitive consumers a strong tea with extra strong leaves.


Tata Agni Leaf (1kg)-Buy Tata Agni Leaf Online

  • Tata tea agni with its flawless strength, taste and colour makes the perfect cup of tea to liven up your day
  • Tata Tea Agni is a superior blend of Assam tea along with 10% extra long leaves to give you a strong taste
  •  Extra Strong Leaves
  • Mixture of tea dust and additional long tea leaves


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