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Tej Patta Whole Bay Leaves Bay Leafs 250g


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Tej Patta Whole Bay Leaves Bay Leafs 250g


Bay Leaf also known as sweet laurel leaf is a dried leaf or ever green shrub that belongs to the family of herbs. Our Bay Leaves are known for their high VOL and aroma. The size of the leaves is ranging from 2.5 to 12 cms in length and 1.6 to 2.5 cms in breadth. The shape is elliptical and tapering to a point at the base and tip of the leaves. Uses Bay leaves are used as flavouring in soups, stews, meat, fish, sauces and in confectionaries. Both leaves and fruits possess aromatic, stimulant and narcotic properties. The essential oil from the leaves are also used as spice and food flavouring agent and has wider application in traditional medicines of different countries. Key recepies: Mutton Chicken, Curries, Aloo Gobi, Jeera rice, Pulao, Steak, Stew, Moussaka etc. In Pakistani cuisine, bay leaves are often used in biryani and other rich, spicy dishes. The major functional properties are anti-microbial, anti-fungal properties



Tej Patta Whole Bay Leaves Bay Leafs 250g

  • Premium Quality Bay leaves(Tej Patta) pure, free from impurities with sharp fragrant flavor.
  • Gluten less, products and certified from fssai, npop – india organic, nop – usda organic sgs certified, shelf life: 18 months
  • Bay leaves are rich in vitamin b, vitamin c, copper, potassium, calcium and manganese and are for heart and kidney health
  • Roast and use in spice blends like garam masala, or to prepare indian and mughlai dishes like biryani, korma.
  • Godka Whole Bay Leaves 250g


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