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Tulsi Jaap Mala Brown108 Beads


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Tulsi Jaap Mala Brown108 Beads

Tulsi Mala is one of the most popular malas worn by Indians. Many famous people have been seen adorning Tulsi Mala like Amitabh Bachchan and Murali Kartik. Made from one of the most auspicious plants in the Hindu religion, it is a beautiful string of beads made from the woody parts of Tulsi plant. While Hindus prefer to use the white beads Tulsi Mala, Buddhists also chant using it but they prefer the black one. Made of 108 beads, the biggest one represents Lord Krishna and crossing over of this one is considered incorrect and inauspicious. Chanting with Tulsi Mala brings forth greater concentration and more piousness in prayers and meditation. According to ancient scriptures like Vedas, Tulsi Mala can be worn by anyone without any restrictions on age, gender or caste. There is no need for elaborate rituals and prayers to adorn Tulsi Mala. While it has special importance in devotees of Lord Krishna, anyone can wear it.


Tulsi Jaap Mala Brown108 Beads

  • 1. Tulsi Mala is instrumental in cleansing mind, body and soul of all impure karma and thoughts.
  • 2. Tulsi Mala brings health and happiness to not just the wearer but to the entire family. 
  • 3. Tulsi Mala protects the person adorning it from all kinds of negative influences like ghosts, evil spirits and other paranormal activities. 
  • 4. Tulsi Mala brings equanimity of thoughts and emotions. 
  • 5. Many people suffer from high levels of stress. Tulsi Mala helps in bringing down the stress levels of the person wearing it.


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