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Desi Vegetable Peas 500g


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Desi Vegetable Peas 500g

Peas are lower in calcium and phosphorus than beans, but they provide similar levels of protein and carbohydrates. They are a good source of protein, B vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, iron, and potassium. Dried peas are an excellent source of fiber. Green peas are a good source of vitamin C, vitamin K, and carotenes.



Desi Vegetable Peas 500g

  • Weight Management: Peas are low fats but lots of protein, fibre and micro-nutrients
  • Blood sugar regulation: High fibre slows and protein slows down how fast sugars are digested
  • Heart disease prevention: The generous amounts of vitamin B1 and folate, B2, B3, and B6 reduce homocysteine levels which are a risk factor for heart disease


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